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    According to this page: (found by googling 'tfs cal pricing') a single CAL is $499, which is the same price as the TFS Server ($499 new, $399 upgrade).

    So at RRP, TFS costs:

    • $499 = Server (w/ 1CAL)
    • 9* $499 = CALs

    For a total of $4990.

    If a company can afford to pay 10 full-time employees, then $4990 isn't a major expense (of course, neither is $499 for a single developer).

    As for CALs themselves, I think you need to contact a reseller for those. I get my SALs (similar, but different) from Insight UK. Insight do TFS SALs, but I don't know about CALs because I can't see them on their website or by searching for them. Give them a ding: