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    , Dr Herbie wrote

    @cbae: We can get prices like that too, but no-one can tell us how many CALs are included (some say 4, some say 1).


    The description for TFS server says that it includes 1 CAL.

    Edit: I was looking at the description in the eBay auction, and I realize that the auction is for TFS CAL. The auction title is incorrect.

    According to this blog post, 5 CALs are included with TFS.

    Team Foundation Server will also be available in retail for around $500 USD and will include a license term allowing up to five (5) named users without CALs to use Team Foundation Server. To grow to more than five users, you will need to have CALs for additional users beyond five users. This enables small teams of five or fewer to get up and running on Team Foundation Server for as little as $500 USD.

    That's a little bit more reasonable.