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View Thread: So if I want to make a basic 2D game, where do I start?
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    I wanna learn C from scratch, my friend went to uni and he said start there, don't bother with stuff like Python or Java as they suck and it all comes from C, so learn that. The problem is however I'm struggling to find any good guides for it, I feel like all the ones I've seen that exist, throw a dictionary at me and tell me to learn the language. There is never any context to any of it, what relevance it has to my end goal and where I even input it or how to get started. 




    Wont let me post?


    Well my mate said the first book her ever read while starting Uni was this so I'm borrowing his. I'm not interested in college as I've never learnt much from school or college in the past. 

    I thought I'd try watching these 

    Sadly Visual Studio 2010 doesn't work on Windows 8 :\ Might have to upgrade to Windows 7 Big Smile Hate all this Metro crap anyways.