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View Thread: So if I want to make a basic 2D game, where do I start?
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    Yeh I know how to use Hammer and UDK, I like developing maps and stuff, I haven't really gotten into Kismet as I prefer Source over UDK. I've stopped making maps for the past few years though as I've been busy with life but why I'm looking to get back into it all, I'd just like to learn how to program this time around, which I'm doing now with this book I got.

    I'm not in it to make money or join some developer, just want to do it as a hobby. I already have a job and am fine where I am in life, just see this as a side thing to do for a bit of fun. I'm not going to start spending money on college or wasting my time doing some college course as it will wear me down and I wont find it fun. Like do move at my own pace in my spare time.