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    New Scroogle vid!

    Classy how the video cuts of just when the Google engineer had obviously something to add to her statement. I never cared much about Google and found their "don't be evil" mantra one of the most hypocritical claims in computing.. especially with their tendency to use the content of their "partners" to scoop them out with vertical-search offerings. So it's quite an achievement that this "ScroogledTruth" campaign for the first time ever made me sympathize with Google.

    Thank you MS. What no Google-praising article on Slashdot et al. has managed to do, you've made it finally possible!

    Bonus: MS gathered a bunch of hipsters to ask their opinion about Google "reading their mails":

    Given their answers, it's clear that the camera-team told them that Google quite literally "reads" mails, and not that it's just an automatic algorithm assigning ads to keywords.