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View Thread: Some more info on Redhawk in Windows 8
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    Now we can read the old report by MaryJo Foley again:

    Redhawk and MinSafe are two sides of the same coin. Redhawk is the codename for new managed code work being done by the Developer Division, while MinSafe is the codename for the complementary managed code initiative on the Windows side of the house.

    Both projects are aimed at providing a new managed-code execution environment that will be more lightweight and (Microsoft hopes) more appealing to developers who are put off by the perceived overhead of the current Common Language Runtime (CLR) at the heart of the .Net Framework.

    Redhawk deliverables may include a new back-end compiler and new runtime that would still provide type safety and garbage collection, but perhaps not the rest of the functionality that is currently part of the current .Net CLR.

    The Redhawk and MinSafe teams are not restricting themselves to insuring compatibility with Windows or the .Net Framework. (That jibes with tips I've gotten about Midori being a "built from scratch" non-Windows-based operating system that won't necessarily preserve backward compatibility with Windows.) And the Redhawk/MinSafe are dabbling with how to deliver a new object framework on top of User Mode Driver Framework (UMDF), as well as a new base class library (BCL).

    I am hearing that some of the Redhawk/MinSafe deliverables (specifically around the driver model)  could be incorporated into Windows 8 — which, if the Windows client team stays on its current schedule, could be expected debut around 2011/2012.

    We can see that this report was quite accurate on the tech stuff, but not so accurate on other more political stuff. Redhawk is reduced to be used only by Windows itself, in few exotic dlls, and is not promoted to be used by app/driver developers, and nothing happend on UMDF yet. Given the rumors about Steven Sinofsky hates .NET, maybe we need to wait longer to see the fate of Redhawk. On the other side, recent job postings from TSI/Midori team talk more and more about the clouds, it seems like they are focusing more on the server side now.

    (P.S.: here is a recent job posting from TSI for Bartok compiler Smiley )

    Our goal is to build the best performing, highest-quality ahead-of-time native-code compilers in the world for C++ and C#. We have a unified compiler infrastructure that compiles C++ and C# to native code, so improvements for either language benefit the other language also.