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View Thread: Some videos for a Sunday afternoon - Mostly about JS, sorry ;-)
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    Some thoughts Bass:

    Since JavaScript has the largest community, it a no  brainer. "It's the community stupid". Not to mention that Node has in particular large community of users and committers. Not sure if Node is geared more towards network IO, dynamic web pages or web services.

    What surprise me is that Google missed/is missing this boat. It made a (bad?) decision to concentrate on Java, Python and C++. That's why you will not find there PHP/Perl/DOTNET and server-side JS there (though Google does have a javascript option: appscript for Google apps).

    For me the ideal environment would be AppEngine+Node+100% cloud IDE. My guess it's probably coming soon, maybe next Google I/O. Google would be stupid not to snatch Ryan Dahl and offer JS on appengine.

    One more thought, in that presentation, 2010, he says there are 63 contributors to Node. I just checked today and it's about 1000!