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View Thread: Stardock's Start8 - Anyone used this yet ?
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    Maybe I'm kinda missing the point here, but doesn't Windows8 already come with a start-menu?

    The Windows8 start-menu differs from the Windows7 one in that it has more screen-space, has pictures next to each app, possibly with information on each tile and better search.

    Why anyone remenices over the random selection of six programs I don't want right now, next to the few programs I thought were important enough to pin to the start menu, but not important enough to pin to the taskbar, or the frankly shocking excuse for a heirarchical listing of your programs (but which is actually just a disorganised filesystem) is beyond me.

    In Win7 if the program isn't pinned to my taskbar, start-menu or desktop, I went looking for it in Program Files. I literally never used the folder-view, because if you want to find, say, Photoshop, is it in:

    * Adobe
    * Adobe Photoshop
    * Photoshop
    * an Ungrouped shortcut called Adobe Photoshop
    * an Ungrouped shortcut called Photoshop
    * Accessories > an Ungrouped shortcut called Adobe Photoshop
    * Accessories > an Ungrouped shortcut called Photoshop

    And that's even before you get into what happens when a company changes their version number of gets bought out by a different company! (Is it Microsoft, Microsoft Games, Games, Lionhead, Lionhead Studios, or Fable3? - Hitman I was in Eidos Interactive, later ones were Eidos. Literally no consistency at all from anyone here, ever.)

    In Win8, I press WinKey and then click on the picture that corresponds to Photoshop. Now I'm back on the desktop, and Photoshop has loaded. No more faffing.

    The Win7 start menu is dead, and frankly, good riddance.