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View Thread: Stardock's Start8 - Anyone used this yet ?
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    Sven Groot

    , magicalclick wrote

    I will be using it eventually. I have a [My Name] shortcut to my user space on my desktop for now, which is stupid. Because I have to do the Show Desktop to clean the screen to get to my shortcut. I normally just do Start and open my document folder or its parent folder.

    Pin Explorer to the taskbar, and then pin those items to the jump list. It works very similar to opening those folders from the start menu before, and is actually more customizable.

    It's also possible to pin shortcuts to folders to the start screen (just right click them, pin to start). Opening the start screen is probably slightly less inconvenient than using show desktop (because it's easier to get your windows back), though I prefer the pinned explorer with jump list route.