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View Thread: Stardock's Start8 - Anyone used this yet ?
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    @AndyC:My recommendation is already clear to management - Stay on Win7, as it does what we need, and is a perfectly good OS. Consider upgrading to the next version when enough people have done the re-training using someone else's time, expense, and equipment. i.e. at least a year from now.

    Unfortunately, I have to deal with non-IT managers who automatically assume newer == better but then wipe their hands of the problems resulting from trying to force that as a solution.

    So, I now have to investigate all possible solutions and then present the options along with my final recommendation... for which I'll end up carrying the can, regardless of my choice.

    I'm just kicking over the stones, looking to see if there is anything worth tinkering with before I go and potentially put my head on the block, by refusing to budge.