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View Thread: Stardock's Start8 - Anyone used this yet ?
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    @elmer: I've been using W8 on the Build tablet and on my shared home desktop computer for about a year now.  While the start screen is fine on the tablet it is a real hindrance on the desktop. The sea of tiles makes looking for an app a chore especially with so many of them using cycle of ever changing photos for the tile. No amount of arrangement, grouping, and constant pruning of the start screen seems to save it from the its natural state of endless scrolling clutter. So moving past that fail you're stuck with effectively a command line option they call "search". this works alright until your "sea of apps" becomes too big resulting in having to be more specific in your search.

    Start8 is what Microsoft should have provided as an option rather than trying to force the Windows Store app adoption on the Windows user base through the 1000 little cuts that the start screen is a part of. In it's current form Start8 provides a near identical experience to the W7 start menu. It also allows you to control how much of the Windows Store app environment encroaches on the desktop. You can even have W8 boot to the desktop. I would highly recommend the including of Start8 in any deployment plans because as we all know just about every grade school kid on up knows how to use the start menu.