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    , BitFlipper wrote


    We are not comparing Windows to consoles, we are comparing a SteamBox branded Linux gaming PC to a SteamBox branded Windows gaming PC. Agreed that if someone wants a "living room ready" gaming system then a console is better as there is no computer knowledge required but that is not what the comparison is here. It is whether SteamBox is better off shipping with Windows vs Linux.

    I'm just saying the argument is too narrowly scoped. Sure a gamer who wants to play Windows games would be better served on a Windows platform. I'm suggesting that the market for the SteamBox might be different.

    I never said "if it doesn't run on Windows it will suck." Once again a quote where I said or even implied this would be great, thanks. I'm saying for a gaming PC/console, existing content is king when you want to have a success. I'm certainly not a MS Kool-Aid drinking fanboy. I can point to many posts on this forum where I complain bitterly about MS, including hating Windows 8 so don't give me that crap.

    I never said you did. I said I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. Sorry you took it personal.

    I'm asking why would you go with Linux as a gaming PC/console when with the exact same hardware you can get a gaming PC/console that starts out with an already huge catalog of existing games? It is a simple question, and yet no-one has been able to give me any advantage that it will have over a Windows, while I keep pointing out a gigantic disadvantage. The only advantage I can see is you don't need to pay for the Windows license, which is roughly the cost of one AAA game. But then you get a much much bigger selection of games out the gate. It's a no-brainer.

    Because maybe they are going a different direction with the SteamBox; not just a gaming console but a different experience altogether. I do think it will be an utter fail if they follow Microsoft's pattern of releasing just a PC/gaming console that doesn't bring something unique to the market and/or exceeds what the market currently has to offer. If they just puke out an unfinished turd like Windows 8 and say "it will get better later" they're not going to get many takers. They certainly don't have the lock-in that Windows does in shipping on all new PCs that would afford them the same illusion that Microsoft has in thinking that W8 and WP8 are well accepted by the market or is in some form a "success".