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    , Ray7 wrote


    And if any of that was even half-right, then no one would be using Android. As I said, the operating system is irrelevant.

    Yes, for routers maybe. But absolutely very relevant for a wannabe gaming console that is trying to break into a market where Windows has by far the most and best games. Not sure how you can't see this. Do you really think enough AAA games are going to be written for Linux overnight that it would become more popular than Windows? Really?

    And are you saying that Steam will not provide any tools to port games to Linux? Sounds a tad unlikely.

    Actually it sounds a tad unlikely that all these wonderful games will just magically pop up and cause this currently non-existent "console" to be more attractive than what you can get with a Windows PC.

    And yet you didn't seem to know that it powers vast majority of smart consumer devices, already Mmmm.

    Wow, not sure how on earth you got to that conclusion! Can you provide a quote from me to show how I "didn't seem to know" that Linux is in many devices? Thanks in advance for clearing that up.

    What I did say was that for those kinds of devices, no-one gives a crap what OS is on them because end-users don't need to interact with the actual OS. Which part of that confused you?