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Surface Phone rumours surface

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  • Ian2
  • CaRDiaK


    We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
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  • Proton2

    It looks a little bit like a floppy disk.

  • Ian2

    Suspect that's just a mock up.

  • GoddersUK

    But if the point of the Surface was to give OEMs a kick up the backside I don't see what the point of this would be - unless you think that Nokia and HTC's devices aren't upt to scratch?

  • Ian2

    MS is now a fledgling hardware Company with a rapidly expanding selection of its own retail outlets.  It makes sense for them to have their own branded phone if they are serious about competing with Apple (which I don't think anyone doubts that they are).

    That said there is less opportunity for them to innovate around Windows Phone 8 - but who knows, maybe they will surprise us.  I quite fancy a slim line keyboard cover for my next phone (with a piano keyboard option?)

  • Harlequin

    I can confirm, I saw this phone when I was in building #2335joinnnosn haghasgh 8 98 *connection terminated*

  • Ian2
  • Bas

    Looks cool, but it's just a render so eh. It does indeed remind me of a floppy disk. So far I prefer the Lumias.

  • JohnAskew

    It's not exactly called a 'Surface phone'... it is an inhouse W8P.

    Are OEM's more or less profitable? Are their offerings sub-par (durability anyway)?

    The point of an inhouse W8P may also be to kick up the backside of Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc...

  • GoddersUK

    @JohnAskew: But I don't think Nokia, HTC etc. need their backsides kicking nearly as much as the PC OEMs...


  • dentaku

    The WP8 hardware manufacturers are making very good products. It's the PC manufacturers that are not trying.

    The biggest problem with WP8 is the carriers and stupid exclusive contracts that seem to be designed to make sure WP8 doesn't get marketed correctly. Rogers looks like they decided to "collaborate" with Nokia so they could purposely bungle the deal.

  • Blue Ink

    @GoddersUK: I don't think there's any backside kicking involved here.

    The problem is not the quality of the individual phones, it's a matter of quantity: in any given market segment there are one or two WP phones lined up against lots of Android ones. Adding more choice will help making the WP brand more visible and this indirectly benefits OEMs as well.

  • Ian2

    @Blue Ink: Tend to agree, Nokia is doing such a good job the other manufacturers (with the possible exception of HTC) seem to be running scared at the moment.

  • Maddus Mattus

    While do all these phones have reflecting glass in it?

    Last thing I want to see when using my phone is myself,..

    It's a pretty sight to behold, but I don't want a mirror, I want a phone!

    And I think it has the looks only a mother could appriciate Smiley

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