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    , magicalclick wrote


    Confused, you need wizard to replace cartridge? I thought you just open the printer, the cartridge pops out, replace. Assume you connected power cord and other cords doesn't matter. At least that's what I do since 1995.


    Sorry that doesn't work on my Epson.


    Yes. HP again Big Smile

    Well, 362Mb.

    Yep 362 < 500 by quite a bit. It's been my experience that once installed updates are smaller -- especially relative to the size of Windows updates. Kettch does tend to exaggerate when trying to defend Microsoft; I should remember that and just let it go. Sorry; my bad.

    , MasterPie wrote


    I think it's safe to assume mostly everyone else does too. Even if a person can't get the cartridge bay to move to the center so he can get access to it, a couple of random button presses later, it will move there anyway, all without any computer interaction.

    Great. I'll tell my kids that. Just keep hammering on it until the ink tray moves -- but don't break it out of frustration...

    , MasterPie wrote


    IIRC, the user doesn't manually browse the store for the OEM app...when he goes to change printer settings, he is presented with the option to download the OEM app from the store.

    Is that your experience or just speculation that it works that way?