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    I do think it's a bit much. This puts it into the realm of a MacBook Air which would arguably have a better feature list for the price. It will be interesting to see how well they sell in the market and where OEMs price their versions of the tablet. 

    No offense, but you're spouting off ignorantly (you thought the Pro was an Atom device?). The cheapest MacBook Air has exactly the same specs at exactly the same price. "which would arguably have a better feature list" is simply hogwash. Once you step down from your fanboi chair you won't be able to name a single feature the MacBook Air has over the Surface Pro. In contrast, as Bass points out, there are a few features in the Surface that don't exist in the MacBook Air (touch, digitizer/pen input). The price is high because this is a high end device, but it's more than competitive with devices in that range.