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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    Maybe you should give people voicing issues about Microsoft products a little bit of the benefit of the doubt you preach that we should give Microsoft. It seems like you have this huge chip on your shoulder and are always looking to defend Microsoft no matter what the context is or who you offend in the process.

    I'm happy to help people with real problems with Windows.

    Lists of "reasons why X sucks" is not constructive, and ignoring it isn't "defending" Microsoft. If rj has a real problem with file copies in Windows RT he can post it in a constructive way with details of what he was trying to do and allowing us to contribute towards a solution.

    His paragraph was not a request for help. It was a rant against Windows, and on the basis of not encouraging negativity, I was going to just ignore it, although you seem to have turned it into yet another one of your tiring personal attacks against me.