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    You've stated previously that you get tired of people bringing up complaints that have already been heard. We'll I haven't heard of a file copy performance issue with W8. From my perspective it seems that what triggers your dismissive tone (and that's being generous) is more than just repetition. I really encourage you to have a more open mind on issues that are brought up here rather than the snap judgement you seem to have these days.

    I didn't "dismiss" his complaints about copying files over the network. I was ignoring them. If rj has a real problem with Windows RT copying files over a network, he should start by not telling the people that worked on that product that it has "been dismissed as junk".

    I have no interest in helping people who are just going to be rude and who start off their concern with what looks like a rant about how the people they expect to help them suck - whether their concerns are legitimate or not.