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    With Windows RT, Windows 8 and Surface Pro now being declared junk on all three fronts, what is Microsofts next plan?  I mean I bought a Windows Surface RT, and I hated it.  Windows 8 was just so cumbersome and truthfully, I couldnt get the desktop release of Windows 8 to work well either.  Apps refused to download, one day it would tell me Im activated and using genuine Windows, another day it would say I was a pirate, and yet another day Im genuine again.  One day, across my OWN network, the file server in the next room, it said it was going to take an hour and a half to download a 1.2 gb file, where my Windows 7 and OS4 Linux machines it only took a moment or two.  I ended up returning the Surface RT and getting a Kindle Fire HD because the Surface RT gave me problem after problem.  Im not disappointed in Metro, I think its brilliant, Im more disappointed in the quality and the presentation.  Im not trolling here, Im just frustrated.  So what is Microsoft going to do to reestablish my confidence in their products and as a developer, why should I bother developing for Windows 8?  My Windows Phone 8 I love it, thats the brightest star shining in the MS camp right now.  My mother BTW has no problems with Windows 8 but she just uses e-mail and Internet Explorer.