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    , evildictait​or wrote


    I'm happy to help people with real problems with Windows.

    Lists of "reasons why X sucks" is not constructive, and ignoring it isn't "defending" Microsoft. If rj has a real problem with file copies in Windows RT he can post it in a constructive way with details of what he was trying to do and allowing us to contribute towards a solution.

    His paragraph was not a request for help. It was a rant against Windows, and on the basis of not encouraging negativity, I was going to just ignore it, although you seem to have turned it into yet another one of your tiring personal attacks against me.

    But the fact is you didn't ignore it and instead used it as yet another opportunity to try diminish the importance of the issues people bring up here. Sometimes issues come out of frustration but that doesn't warrant the dismissal of the issue nor the start of some twisted war of words that gets us no where. Sure people have to mind their tone but its gets is no where throwing stones.

    You've stated previously that you get tired of people bringing up complaints that have already been heard. We'll I haven't heard of a file copy performance issue with W8. From my perspective it seems that what triggers your dismissive tone (and that's being generous) is more than just repetition. I really encourage you to have a more open mind on issues that are brought up here rather than the snap judgement you seem to have these days.