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View Thread: Surface Pro as Laptop/Desktop replacement
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    , evildictait​or wrote


    What's that supposed to mean? Have you tried using a Surface RT?

    Indeed I have. Don't you remember my report?

    What does that mean? Isn't it obvious? If an appliance store sold a toaster-oven with a picture on the box of a microwave and the store clerk tells you "no, no it really can cook food fast" it's well like duh that isn't the same but you buy it anyway because to you it's the "micro-toaster". If in that same store they have a microwave that has a picture of a oven on the box and the store clerk affirms "no, no, you really can bake a delicious cake in it" it's well like duh that would make a pretty lousy cake but you by it anyway because to you it's the "micro-oven". You would think only an idiot would buy something based on a picture or the word of someone trying to sell it. Then again if it's got the right brand on the box people will justify purchasing about anything -- even people who think they are intelligent.

    I can't wait to hear what Surface Pro has to say...