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View Thread: Surface Pro as Laptop/Desktop replacement
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     It's just fun to knock on Microsoft, really.

    I don't think that's true at all.. 

    But what isn't fun, is making sacrifices all over xmas to save up for one, to then have it knocked back to a completely unknown date and price all the while more and more negative news coming.. I can't wait for just how shocking the battery life is going to be. Because something smells rotten in Denmark to me.. 

    I for one was hoping to make this my hobby dev replacement.. it's no trouble popping a full size kb, mouse and monitor, it has all that covered.. but you get the benefit of being able to take it with you for use in other areas. But looks like I got that wrong also, seems I got it all wrong. Ha. I'll entertain myself with a RaspberryPI for the summer instead whilst I watch with anticipation how this fiasco unfolds.