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    Sven Groot

    On a somewhat related note, I was walking through Bic Camera (enormous electronics store) again recently, and the situation hasn't improved much. They have exactly one Windows RT and one Windows 8 tablet for sale (Surface is not available here of course; the RT one was the Asus VivoTab iirc), and they do not stand out at all amidst the scores of Android tablets on display.

    Furthermore, on that same floor every single mobile provider in Japan (Softbank, AU, DoCoMo, etc.) has their own displays with various model iPads, and you can't swing a cat on that floor without hitting an iPhone 5. I looked very hard, but none of them had even a single Windows Phone on display, even though they are apparently sold here (I say apparently; I have never seen one). Meanwhile, iPhone and Android have done a great job cracking open the previously thought to be saturated Japanese mobile phone market.