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    , wkempf wrote


    I can't tell you the number of devs I know that get by coding on 14" laptops. So it's not quite as bad as you make out. That said, we have a lot of devs here that do really serious development work with those 14" laptops by docking them, where they get full size keyboards, mice, multiple 24" monitors, etc. I can do the same with the Surface Pro. So, why shouldn't I expect to be able to use it this way? DeathByVisualStudio is claiming the HD space would prevent that, but I call BS there as well.

    Well, you can dock a Surface Pro and do dev on it, but since the Surface Pro is really underpowered for a general purpose dev machine, it's kind of pointless. You're basically paying lots of money for a machine that's optimised for low power, low weight and ultra-portable, and then asking it to do CPU intensive things whilst plugged into a docking station, which seems a bit like a waste, when instead you could just get a desktop PC with much more power for the same cost because they don't need to optimise for power or portability (which you don't want, 'cos you're going to dock it anyway).

    I guess the point is if your tablet is going to spend most of it's time docked, why not get a laptop or a desktop PC instead? Complaining that Microsoft's tablet debut isn't a very good general purpose desktop PC sounds like you've missed that it's a tablet and not a laptop.

    It's like saying my Microwave isn't a very good coffeemaker. Well, duh. It's a microwave. If you want to make coffee, use the coffee-maker.