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    , CaRDiaK wrote


    I don't think that's true at all.. 

    But what isn't fun, is making sacrifices all over xmas to save up for one, to then have it knocked back to a completely unknown date and price all the while more and more negative news coming.. I can't wait for just how shocking the battery life is going to be. Because something smells rotten in Denmark to me.. 

    I for one was hoping to make this my hobby dev replacement.. it's no trouble popping a full size kb, mouse and monitor, it has all that covered.. but you get the benefit of being able to take it with you for use in other areas. But looks like I got that wrong also, seems I got it all wrong. Ha. I'll entertain myself with a RaspberryPI for the summer instead whilst I watch with anticipation how this fiasco unfolds. 

    The news is being reported as negative, but the reality is something else entirely. There's nothing here that we didn't know, or couldn't have figured out, and it's only "negative" if you spin it that way.

    The Surface Pro isn't a typical "tablet" like the iPad or Nexus devices. It has a tablet form factor, but has much more in common with ultrabooks/laptops than it does tablets. That was always a known fact. As such, all this hoopla about the space taken up by the OS, installed apps and the recovery partition should have been known information all the way back to the day the Surface was announced. It's only negative if you spin it that way, because, again, we've not considered it negative for the past 10 years!

    I don't see how any of this information makes you conclude you got anything wrong. The Surface should work just as well for a "hobby dev replacement" as any ultrabook/laptop with the same size HD would have (the only difference is that the screen is smaller than most ultrabook/laptops, but you always knew that). Me, I'm still going to use a 128GB Windows 8 Pro tablet/hybrid as my next device, on which I plan to do development work. I know the trade offs I'm making with that decision, and I'm fine with them. Other's won't be... but nothing has changed with the recent announcements to make you switch from "I thought" to "I can't".