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View Thread: Surface Pro as Laptop/Desktop replacement
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    I was hoping the Surface Pro finally show us that Microsoft was serious about redefining Windows. Unfortunately just like the Surface RT they blow it on the free disk space issue. 23 GB free on a 64 GB drive? Who are they marketing this to? They'd need to put out a 256 GB version to have enough capacity for the work I do. The 128 GB/ 83 GB free may be big enough for some office workers but we all know as apps and Windows bloat over the years this space will hardly be enough.

    Are they assuming people will buy these every year like iPads and start fresh? Having all you data in the cloud would make a wipe and reload less painful? (and let's forget about the need for a local cache for our cloud-based files)

    This really feels like Microsoft is finally trying to push the world the Network Computer.

    Read it and weep...