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    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    There were two Microsoft reps there handing out questionable information at best. One of them had a Yoga that he was very proud of. Of course it was running Windows 8 Pro and not RT. He knew he was basing a lot of what he said on Windows 8 Pro when he was speaking about Surface RT. I suppose since I don't have names nor Microsoft badge numbers this is something you'd assume I made up. I mean you really invested yourself in what I wrote and it shows Perplexed  so why should you believe anything I say here?

    I'm sure you outsmarted those Best Buy employees. Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm not sure how you outsmarting a couple of minimum wage workers in a Best Buy says anything (positive or negative) about Windows RT though.

    I spent two hours at Best Buy using all of the Windows 8 laptops, tablets, etc. trying to find something for my daughter. I spent all least 30 minutes with Surface RT alone trying to find something to like about it, trying to justify why it would work for my daughter. I suppose since I didn't walk away with one and really try and integrate it into my life that my opinion of the experience isn't worth a red cent to you. Then of course that would make me pretty stupid buying something that doesn't have the value I think it should after 30 minutes of use.

    So you've poked a couple of apps on a Windows RT device in a store. You've never actually tried to properly use one. You've never tried writing an actual document in desktop Office, nor have you tried actually browsing the Internet like you would at home.

    What I'm getting at is that all of your negativity towards Windows RT is almost entirely based on what you've read about it on websites that you frequent. You've never actually bothered to try it and give it a fair test.