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View Thread: Surface Pro seems to be named Surface Windows 8 Pro now
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    Doesn't matter what other people are reporting, what matters is the name Microsoft is using. And it's not "Surface Windows 8 Pro", which is a lousy name on so many levels. Instead, it's only slightly better with the name "Surface with Windows 8 Pro" ( This seems to indicate to the customer that we just have a Surface device. You can choose to have Windows RT on it (Surface with Windows RT) or Windows 8 Pro on it (Surface with Windows 8 Pro). Unfortunately, these aren't the same device, making the name rather bad. Surface and Surface Pro are better, as they give you an indication that the devices are different. The "with" part of the new naming is OK, and possibly needed, but not indicating there's a difference in the devices with the root name is simply bad. "Surface with Windows RT" and "Surface Pro with Windows 8" I think would have been fine (Do you have to spell out the SKU of Windows 8? If so, you'll need to pick some name that won't cause Pro to be specified twice in the name.).