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Outtook 365 and Windows Phone Mango

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    I'v been lurking a bit lately, nervous to post amoung all the experts Smiley So please, have a seat and relax! Starbarks is on me.  Speaking in plain language....(if you don't mind) I'd like to share a few comments/thoughts for what's to come. Fear not. I'm not going to grumble as to why I can't sync Outlook 2010 to WP. Nor would I ever return my HTC Radar for an ****! I'll try to be brief here.

    My understanding is, the days of WM style syncing is over? I've installed Office 365, and plan on subscribing. (just so I can sync again). At the moment, still fixing a few glitches with 365 and Lync (not working with my Outlook 2010 version). I'm going to be working with win8 in the next few days, so anything for wp8 would really help. (?)

    I  would really appreciate thoughts or words of wisdom about this app I recently found. In a nutshelll, you make 3 simple reg changes, then install a device driver and vioa! Works like a charm. Everything you were able to due with WM. However, I did end up removing it.(concerns about source).

    Check it out. If you want a closer look, join the forum so you'll be able to try all the apps (and betas). 

    Please excuse any typos.  I think my 10 year old was eating crackers while using my tablet (rrr)

    Melanie G.

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    @MelG: I think installed that at one point but uninstalled it prior to upgrading to the Mango beta. I can't remember what it was for though.

    BTW, I like your taste in music.

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