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System Language Runtime or 'Project Redhawk' surfaces in Windows 8

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    This is just too interesting to miss, sounds like a 'Managed Native Runtime' or 'Native Managed Runtime' for me, whatever this could mean Big Smile

    there is SLR100.dll which is 'System Language Runtime' of 'Microsoft .NET Framework' version '4.0.30215'
    it exports lots of functions related to low level .NET runtime functions, they start with 'Rh' or 'Rhp', which reminds me of the 'Redhawk' project

    Redhawk and MinSafe are two sides of the same coin. Redhawk is the codename for new managed code work being done by the Developer Division, while MinSafe is the codename for the complementary managed code initiative on the Windows side of the house.
    Both projects are aimed at providing a new managed-code execution environment that will be more lightweight and (Microsoft hopes) more appealing to developers who are put off by the perceived overhead of the current Common Language Runtime (CLR) at the heart of the .Net Framework.
    Redhawk deliverables may include a new back-end compiler and new runtime that would still provide type safety and garbage collection, but perhaps not the rest of the functionality that is currently part of the current .Net CLR.

    and there are lots of mysterious dlls start with wcl that calls into SLR100.dll


    maybe WCL means Windows Classes Library ???? just guessing

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    I would guess it means "Windows Core Libraries" (classes in a modern o-o library... why of course there are Smiley )...

    Interesting stuff. Can't wait to hear more.

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    Very interesting stuff. Maybe related to the AppX runtime?

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    Intriguing, now if they could just find a way to somehow consolidate CLR with their JavaScript VM ...  Scared

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    How lightweight are we talking about? And would the dev experience being different? Meaning do I get something like .Net CE2 that I have to change my code or it is still full .Net with different engine?

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    another piece of the puzzle: Windows Runtime

    OK. Today I found something called Windows Runtime, apparently it is a new version of COM the Component Object Model, but hopefully simpler and lighter.

    there is a DLL called COMBASE.DLL, which descript itself as 'Microsoft COM for Windows'
    it export lots of functions start with Co-, like CoInitializeEx, previously found in OLE32.DLL,
    but it also exports a bunch of functions start with WinRT- or Windows-, and those functions are similiar to some Co- guys.
    for example, WinRTInitialize, should be the new CoInitializeEx, WinRTUninitialize should be the new CoUninitialize,
    and WindowsCreateString, should be the new SysAllocatStringLen, and WindowsDeleteString, should be the new SysFreeString,
    and WinRTActivateInstance may be the new CoCreateInstance.

    also, in the regstry, there is such a node HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsRuntime
    it has some subkeys like CLSID and ActivatableClassId, they have lots of subkeys, point to the new generation of windows components and libraries.
    like ActivatableClassId\Windows.Deployment.PackageManager, is the registration for AppXDeploymentClient.dll
    and Windows.Runtime.Storage.OpenPicker and Windows.Runtime.Storage.SavePicker, points to different CLSIDs in TwinUI.dll

    this "Windows Runtime" thing looks like a software framework for the new native-code application model,
    maybe we should again look into Mary Jo Foley's old post about Redhawk/MinSafe, and remember an old name: 'WinFX', but for native-code this time Smiley

    one more thing, lets look into this recent job post from Microsoft

    Do you want to help developers create applications in C++ for the next version of Windows? Do you want to dig into a new version of COM and create content that shows off its capabilities? Do you want to write about new programming models for the next version of Windows? Are you comfortable writing code snippets and code samples to demonstrate what your readers need to know? Are you a clear and concise writer?

    The Content Development group for WinC++ is looking for an experienced writer with strong C++ programming skills to create content for developers for the next release of the Visual Studio. In this role, you’ll be exposing new developments in C++ and COM that are releasing with Visual Studio

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    @felix9: Combine this information with Charles' sudden love for making C++ videos.

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    , ZippyV wrote

    @felix9: Combine this information with Charles' sudden love for making C++ videos.

    Sudden? I'd say if you click on the C++ tag, you'd see there's nothing sudden about my interest in the native side of things (C++, specifically) at Microsoft. Seems I haven't done enough, actually. Stay tuned for more. Smiley


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