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TV Series Thread

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    Radio and Video thread, time for a series thread! What series do you watch and would you recomend to others? Are you a die-hard fan or don't watch many series?

    My top 5:

    1) Dexter (best series ever!)
    2) SmallVille
    3) Big Bang Theory
    4) How I met Your Mother
    5) NCIS

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    arrested development (duh)

    mighty boosh

    it crowd

    jon dore show

    modern family

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    After ABC cancelled Defying Gravity I was done with TV. Only thing I watch is Craig Ferguson before bed, but the whole family watches him =)

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    1. The West Wing
    2. Dexter
    3. Entourage
    4. Studio 60 – Such a shame we only got to see 1 season of this!
    5. Lost or Sopranos


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    Arrested Development and Black Books. Required viewing.

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    1. Dexter (sooo awesome)
    2. How I met your mother
    3. 30 Rock
    4. Entourage 

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    Breaking Bad is the best show on television. Other good shows include Californication, Weeds, The Walking Dead and Mad Men. I also enjoyed the short lived Rubicon but apparently America didn't.

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    in no particular order:

    • Spooks
    • Sherlock Holmes (new Series)
    • Dr Who (filming in Chepstow today apparently)
    • Merlin (Mandatory Family Viewing)
    • Dirk Gently
    • Miranda (whole family enjoys this)
    • Luthor (in between series at the moment)


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    Stuff I'll try to make time to watch...

    • Criminal Minds
    • NCIS
    • Sanctuary (US)
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    • The Mentalist
    • Eureka
    • Dr Who
    • Castle (2009)
    • Stargate Universe
    • Lie to Me
    • House
    • Horizon
    • Midsomer Murders
    • Flashpoint
    • Wonders of the Solar System
    • Spooks

    Stuff I watch when I run out of the above

    • MythBusters
    • Human Target (2010)
    • Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
    • Leverage
    • CSI: Miami
    • Burn Notice
    • Fringe
    • Nikita
    • Glee
    • Warehouse 13
    • The Walking Dead
    • CSI: NY
    • Grey's Anatomy
    • Stargate Universe
    • Chuck
    • The Event
    • Merlin
    • Haven
    • Persons Unknown
    • Top Shot
    • Sea Patrol (Au)
    • Breaking Bad
    • GREEK

    I never watch live TV though, that's the list programed into my DVR 


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    @Ian2: Dirk Gently ? as in Douglas adams, is that TV or Radio?

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    Outside The Zone

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    Fiction, top picks in recent times

    • Dexter (superb)
    • Breaking Bad (crystal meth (not crystal MEF))
    • Terriers (much better than expected and great vibe)
    • 24 (great suspense, with absurd decision-making)
    • The Mentalist (light but good entertainment)
    • The Walking Dead (prettty cool; gotta love zombies)
    • House M.D. (one radical, but ingenious, doc)
    • Futurama (funny, extremely funny)
    • Weeds (drugs and family, pretty good)
    • Sons of Anarchy (bikers, corruption, gun trades, drugs, IRA, ...)
    • Medical Investigation (a new twist on medic shows)
    • Testees (low-level Canadian humor; too bad it was cancelled after just one season; jack-* on steroids: two friends set out to take part in a new experiment every week, with disastrous consequences)
    • Rubicon (paper-based intelligence puzzle - midly entertaining)

    Gotta love US TV series.

    Science & Documentary

    • The Universe (a must-see)
    • Sci Fi Science w/ the brilliant Dr. Michio Kaku (equally a must-see)


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    Black Books

    Yes Minister

    Sherlock Holmes (the repeats on ITV3 or is it 4)

    The Apprentice

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    @PerfectPhase:OK I will come clean - its what is on TV at the moment on BBC4 (Yes, Douglas Adams)

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    • Criminal Minds
    • House
    • Lie to Me
    • 24
    • NCIS
    • Celebrity Apprentice
    • Family Guy

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    My take is:

    • Dexter,
    • Burn Notice 
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • Scrubs
    • The Simpsons (any season),
    • SouthPark 
    • Futurama 


    PS: Just realised my list seams a little bit childish

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    1. IT Crowd
    2. Coupling
    3. Larry Sanders
    4. Mad Men
    5. Walking Dead

    I see a lot of Dexter listed, might have to check that one out. Should I start with Season 1?

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    Dr Herbie

    Well the standard ones of course:

    I T Crowd
    Big Bang Theory
    Father Ted
    Black Books


    Ultraviolet (which I can't find on-line which is a pity)
    Green Wing (so good I bought them all on DVD)
    Dr Who 

    But more recently:

    The Inbetweeners
    Sherlock Holmes (the new BBC adaptation)
    Dirk Gently (only been one so far, but was very good).
    Last Man/Woman Standing. (Ha! I'll show you extreme sports!)


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