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    Fiction, top picks in recent times

    • Dexter (superb)
    • Breaking Bad (crystal meth (not crystal MEF))
    • Terriers (much better than expected and great vibe)
    • 24 (great suspense, with absurd decision-making)
    • The Mentalist (light but good entertainment)
    • The Walking Dead (prettty cool; gotta love zombies)
    • House M.D. (one radical, but ingenious, doc)
    • Futurama (funny, extremely funny)
    • Weeds (drugs and family, pretty good)
    • Sons of Anarchy (bikers, corruption, gun trades, drugs, IRA, ...)
    • Medical Investigation (a new twist on medic shows)
    • Testees (low-level Canadian humor; too bad it was cancelled after just one season; jack-* on steroids: two friends set out to take part in a new experiment every week, with disastrous consequences)
    • Rubicon (paper-based intelligence puzzle - midly entertaining)

    Gotta love US TV series.

    Science & Documentary

    • The Universe (a must-see)
    • Sci Fi Science w/ the brilliant Dr. Michio Kaku (equally a must-see)