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TV Series Thread

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     - Stargate Universe (*watch it from the beginnning)
     - Dr. Who (jump right in)
     - Merlin
    /* Dark Sense of Honour */
     - House
     - Weeds
     - Breaking Bad
     - Dexter
     - Fringe
     - Whale Wars (*VERY* dark sense of honour)
    /* END Dark Sense of Honour BLOCK */
     - Psych
     - Glee
     - Justified
     - Eureka
     - Warehouse 13 
     - Big Band Theory
     - The Apprentice (UK)

    PS - The BBC's new Sherlock Holmes is amazing but by any definition it isn't a TV series (mini-series at best). Three episodes makes a series it does not...

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    Dr Herbie

    , ManipUni wrote

     Three episodes makes a series it does not...

    Yoda? Is that you? Tongue Out


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    , Red5 wrote

      I see a lot of Dexter listed, might have to check that one out. Should I start with Season 1?

    Yes, start at season 1 it's a great story you won't regert.

    I forgot to mention HOUSE in my list.
    Arrested development seems like it is listed alot to, might try to check it out.



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    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Green Wing (so good I bought them all on DVD)

    The dvd's contained drivers to prevent them from getting copied, unless you didn't execute the autorun.


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    @ZippyV:No OS executes that junk since XP SP2

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    I always watch

    Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    Amazing Race
    Top Gear (UK and US)
    Fifth Gear (much geekier than Top Gear)
    Time Team (when BBC isn't messing with the schedule!)
    Anything James May has ever done
    Ice Road Truckers (the India shows where amazing)
    Who Do You Think You Are (UK version is still the best)

    I watch allot of UK TV for someone from Canada.

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    Ion Todirel

    House M.D. (is catching up on quality)
    Breaking Bad (flawless)
    Dexter (not so good lately)
    Supernatural (first 3 seasons excellent, now not so much)
    Fringe (worse and worse)

    Bleach (bad!)
    One Piece (flawless)

    Lie to Me (low in quality, stopped watching)
    Smallville (got bad, stopped watching) 

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    @Ion Todirel: agree on Supernatural! SmallVille has some really tough people leaving like Lex and Lana but a urge you to watch the final season, it's rock solid. Superman is born Smiley

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    , Ion Todirel wrote

    Lie to Me (low in quality, stopped watching)

    It's catching up on quality on the third season...the plot is much more intricate.

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    @MasterPie:I missed Lie to Me when if first started, so I caught a rerun a while ago. They spent the entire episode trying to prove that all white people are secretly racists. Perplexed

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    +1 for Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, Entourage and Weeds. I also recently went back and watched Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 remake) and really loved it. Sounds like I need to start watching Sherlock Holmes!

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    Only I watch Survivor? It has it's not so well casted/low drama seasons, the spring 2010 all star season was the most entertaining among ... (btw. First ~9 episodes in a Survivor season can be bit dull due to the dynamics of the game, however I see it as build up to the drama which later makes up to it) :

    24, Burn Notice, Mythbusters, Apprentice UK & US, Amazing Race, Top Gear UK, Law & Order & SVU (writing quality is a rollercoaster and some seasons casts weren't that good)

    I also watched the Dilbert DVD's lately. There's maybe 10 bad episodes in the two seasons, much more laughs than other "adult cartoons".

    Old stuff I may watch when in the mood: Alas Smith and Jones & other british comedy, The Wonder Years, Greek, Lovejoy, Mission Impossible. Favorite episodes of episodic sci-fi. I got these recorded on tape back in the day which I still have taking excess room around as few of these aren't on DVD. (Obviously I'm not watching them from tape or bothered to rip the tapes myself, there are always other people with no better things to do than rip old tapes, thankfully)

    You may wonder why I'm not into all that detective/mystery/adult drama stuff? Well I've seen enough of it back in the day as that's pretty much what always has made up most of the TV programming. There's enough of that in L&O for me. Now I haven't checked out Dexter, maybe when enough of the other shows end I will. I also watch some investigative journalism shows and documentaries when they got something new & of interest. 

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    The Apprentice, only been one so far, but was very good ...

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    Just finished the first season of Tower Prep on Cartoon Network. Surprisingly watchable.


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    For me it's:

    • HIMYM
    • The Office
    • Family Guy
    • Californication
    • Dexter
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    For me it's:

    • HIMYM
    • The Office
    • Family Guy
    • Californication
    • Dexter
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    Breaking Bad
    How not to live your life -
    Not going out
    Trailer Park Boys

    We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
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    Before bed, Craig Ferguson until the melatonin pills kick in and I fall asleep Smiley

    That's it for me. After ABC cancelled Defying Gravity last year I was done with TV, started reading more and playing PC/XBox more. I'm not about to start watching "V" or "The Event" knowing well that they'll be cancelled after a dozen episodes. What's the point?

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