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Taking two langauges together, good idea or not?

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    I am entering in my third semester of Spanish in college and we register for classes next week. None of the classes I want fall into place as far as time goes - so I was thinking about knocking out an elective. I was really wanting to wait until I was finished with Spanish to jump into taking German but since it is the only class that fits, I was wondering how hard it may be to take a first semester German and a third semester Spanish may be?



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    Seems an off-topic question, but I'll bite.

    It depends on your ability. If you want to go the easier route, do two languages that share a common ancestor, such as Romance languages (e.g. French/Spanish/Italian) - rather than German, which has different origins.

    Or even consider doing Latin. I'm tempted to do a Latin course if only to be able to be a legitimate pretentious arse.

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    can you not elect something other than language? like how about Bio, drafting, or something? I personally do not recommend multiple languages unless you are specialized in such field. If doing for fun, I recommend something other than language study to improve your other skills. Even music appreciation class is awesome, there is a lot to learn; makes you sounds like an upper class guy talking about allegro, crescendo, dynamics, and etc. 


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    Take take take another language. If you have the option of another Latin-based language, like French or Italian, that would be easier, but German is not that difficult. 

    You cannot know too many languages. 

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    I'm currently taking Italian lessons (my third year), and from what I've heard of other people, it's better not to learn Spanish and Italian at the same time, because they are similar but different. You  make more mistakes, because it's sometimes confusing, like when you're using the word "agua" instead of "aqua" when you talk Italian.

    I don't think learning 2 different languages with different roots (like Spanish and German) is a bad idea. When I was in high school, we were taught French, German, English and Latin at the same time (in addition to Dutch, our native language).

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    I agree with Tommy. I've only ever taken German, but to take Spanish and Italian/French at the same time is just going to be confusing. They have a lot of similar word with different pronunications.

    German and Spanish are different enough that I don't think you'll have a problem.

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    I thought you were talking about programming languages.

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    , Bass wrote

    I thought you were talking about programming languages.

    And the OP has no other threads (or posts?) to his name... getting suspicious.

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