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Talking to Scott Wilson, the designer behind Kinect. Have any questions?

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    Next week Scott Wilson will be on campus.  He designed the actual hardware behind Kinect.  You know how I like to roll Niners.  I like to bring your questions with me.  What would you like me to ask?  Thanks,



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    When is C9 going to implement a Troll button so we can clean up these forums?

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    • Is there anything we can/should do (pre-release) to prepare ourself for Kinect?
    • Are there any plans for Kinect to work with hardware other than an XBOX 360?
    • What is your favourite Kinect game & why?
    • Are there any advantages to holding (or wearing) special equipment when using Kinect?  (EG I am thinking of a dummy sword in a sword play game etc.)  If so what has he tried and enjoyed the most?
    • Is there an developer API for Kinect (or plans to release) ?
    • Are there any traditional opportunities for development that are enhanced through the use of Kinect (EG I am thinking of things like existing Media Center development opportunities that specifically target a user with Kinect)
    • Are there any Kinect related sessions at the PDC?
    • Will I be able to purchase a pre-release Kinect at the PDC?
    • Will you be around at the PDC for chats?
    • What is next for Kinect?
    • What is next for you?


     Anyone who hasnt read the Wired article check it out here (its a great read)

    Oh, and congratulations, Kinect looks awesome!

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    How are the depth sensor patterns projected onto the scene?

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    1. Is Kinect capable of being extended to recognize objects, beyond skeletal, for use in game play?

    2. What was the thought behind going with a VGA resolution camera when Microsoft offers LifeCam products with 720p and 1080p HD sensors?

    3. Do you see Kinect being calibrated with 3D display technology to create more direct interactions?

    4. Is there a compact PC version in the works? a new LifeCam product or something OEMs can embed in touch devices?

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