• Is there anything we can/should do (pre-release) to prepare ourself for Kinect?
  • Are there any plans for Kinect to work with hardware other than an XBOX 360?
  • What is your favourite Kinect game & why?
  • Are there any advantages to holding (or wearing) special equipment when using Kinect?  (EG I am thinking of a dummy sword in a sword play game etc.)  If so what has he tried and enjoyed the most?
  • Is there an developer API for Kinect (or plans to release) ?
  • Are there any traditional opportunities for development that are enhanced through the use of Kinect (EG I am thinking of things like existing Media Center development opportunities that specifically target a user with Kinect)
  • Are there any Kinect related sessions at the PDC?
  • Will I be able to purchase a pre-release Kinect at the PDC?
  • Will you be around at the PDC for chats?
  • What is next for Kinect?
  • What is next for you?


 Anyone who hasnt read the Wired article check it out here (its a great read)


Oh, and congratulations, Kinect looks awesome!