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Tao and SDL - The perfect combination [Multimedia and 3D in .NET]

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    I've been doing some OpenGL work recently, and have had a difficult time finding cross-platform solutions for things such as multimedia and hardware-accelerated 3D. I thought I'd post this here in case others were experiencing similar issues; or needed seamless cross-platform multimedia capabilities for their applications. Due to the fact that my project was a desktop application, and not a game, I decided that XNA was not suitable for the project (XNA is also not cross-platform). So I fired up my Ubuntu partition and looked in the repos for cross-platform multimedia libraries for MonoDevelop. I found Tao, and SDL (Simple DirectMedia layer); which was a prerequisite for Tao. I tried them out and they worked very well for my application. The various Tao libraries can be downloaded here, and SDL (prerequisite) can be downloaded here. I found the multimedia libraries very useful; however, Tao doesn't have very good documentation, but it was simple enough where it was easy to figure out how to play an audio file (I was amazed that the same code worked in both Ubuntu and Windows):

     IntPtr wave = Tao.Sdl.SdlMixer.Mix_LoadMUS("audio.ogg");
                Tao.Sdl.SdlMixer.Mix_OpenAudio(22050, (short)Tao.Sdl.SdlMixer.MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT, 2, 1024);
                Tao.Sdl.SdlMixer.Mix_PlayMusic(wave, 1);

    The 3D features have better documentation than the multimedia (SDL) library for .NET. I'm surprised .NET doesn't come with better audio features already included in the framework. It seems that it has always been somewhat lacking of multimedia features.

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    The Tao Framework is just a thin wrapper around SDL. Basically, if you know SDL, you'll know Tao. Smiley

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