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    My first windows phone was a Samsung that came with Bing maps. I will not call the maps useless, because that's not fair.  Instead "Not very good and of a quality and with features that made me not use any map applications at all" is a better description for the Bing map application that came with my Samsung.

    After getting a Nokia Lumia 800 I use maps on my phone all the time. It has replaced the GPS in my car, I have used it all over Europe and Asia. Nokia maps has guided me safely to even remote destinations on remote parts of the world. The area very precise and seems to know every location and have great turn by turn navigation everywhere.

    I have not tried to use Bing maps in the states. I suspect that magicalclick lives in the US and apparently, Bing must have optimized their application that that part of the world and have implemented features not found outside of the states.

    But for the majority of us we should be very very happy about the "evil Nokia has forced upon us both under the permission of Microsoft", because Nokia Maps has changed my phone from being just a phone, to a tool I use everyday.