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Thanks for MIX11

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    Having put so much work into WP7 development I was a bit gutted at not being able to attend MIX 11 - but happy to say that this has been mitigated somewhat by the live reporting (via Twitter) and the ability to download videos within 24 hours - great job guys! 

    (YES I may have to move house before I can stream this stuff live owing to my rural location)

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    Michael Butler

    I'll second that.

    I appreciate all the time and effort put in to give a wonderful remote MIX experience. As with all things there were a few bumps along the way, but the response to issues was great.

    Looking forward to spending a weekend watching sessions and learning some of the new stuff.

    A wish for next year, a way to view the sessions/keynotes from my XBox on my HD TV would be great (without having to download and media share).

    Thanks to Channel 9 and the rest for a great conference.

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    @Michael Butler: @Ian2: You're very welcome and glad to hear you enjoyed the experience/coverage.

    Live streaming over Xbox is a great idea and something we'd love to implement for future conferences.

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