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View Thread: Thanks to all that have work on XNA
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    i just whant to say thank you for the best indie games framework for the xbox 360

    and allso the man who get me started again into games programming Tom miller(microsoft gamestudio it think now ),david weller(nvidia now),frank savage(blade3d now),the shawn apphub, and all the team as i strated out in 2003 wacthing a show here , but i can not find anymore

    about tom miller and managed directx and his tank game,, well i have been doing games for the c64 , amiga,dos,windows 95,windows 98 and then i took a break for a while

    any way this is how far i cood push the xbox 360 in xna running on 1 core at at the approximate speed 700mhz wicth is allow to us indie developers

    i have allso posted a video of our dream build play entry ,

    it lag a bit , course youtube can not handle high frame video , so i have put the file to download from my dropbox you can find the link to download and wacth at home or at work read the description , and later this year a nice shooter is comming to windows 8 tables and pc

    again thank you for a great website on some of the most cool stuff in the world


    this is how i can thank you all for a job well done

    and rember buttery smooth and 100% more quality and detail

    100% realtime,%100 dynamic,%1000 home make in my bedroom

    please take to time and download from the dropbox

    Best regards