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The Best of Bread

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    No, I'm not referring to this Best of Bread.

    This search:

    Returns 27,000 results, almost all of which are SaaS companies (Software as a Service) using the term "best of bread" when they actually mean to say "best of breed".  

    Are there really that many people who don't know how to spell breed?

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    Blue Ink

    @Heywood_J: that's Software as a Sandwich.

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    Lately, I'm fond of warm focaccia.

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    I don't know why people like ciabatta on sandwiches. It's too chewy for my tastes. You bite into the sandwich, and the bread resists enough to squirt the filling out the other side.

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    This is why you should switch to Bing. It includes " best of breed" and knows sites with "best of breed" are more relevant. You can limit to either phrase, but, when in combination, Bing give you more relevant result where the sites are smart enough to do spell check.

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    Pizza dough that's too hot which I inevitably try to eat anyway burns the roof of my mouth and causes sheets of tissue to roll off my palate. But that's the worst of bred, breed, bread.

    Best? Some warm San Fransisco cultured sour dough bread is very nice...

    +1 for po-boy web services.

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    The local farm shop bakes their own French Sticks - never tasted Bread so good, especially with a nice tasty Cheddar.


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    @alinamarginescu: I'd like to see somebody say that in front of some of the New Yorkers I've met.

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