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    , vesuvius wrote

    @xxxcoderxxx: Apple is completely outdated, as Windows 8 has rewritten the rule books, especially with the Surface you will see people moving back from their iDevice

    Apple make you pay for their beta software as a developer,

    Everything about the Apple development stack is just wrong, and there are very few people actually making any money form creating Apple software, apart from Apple themselves of course.


    One small tiny problem:

    beeing technically better does not mean that you will win in the marketplace.

    i see a lot more iPhone and Android market than Windows Phone, and while Win Phone is a good platform it's loosing to the big two in so many ways.

    WIndows 8 tablets may suffer the same fate as now folks who have iPads and iPhones will generally keep using them. 

    not that i want windows 8 to loose, just that i have seen the problem of beeing right does not equal winning in the market.