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View Thread: The RIL on Windows 8 Phones
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    , Spike1966 wrote

    I'd love to - but unfortunately can't.

    Don't worry - everything is ligit and above board. The apps aren't for the general public though.

    Thanks for your help though.

    and if the apps are "not for the general public" then why not ask MS ?

    as I see it they have not given out access to some parts of the phone to make it less of a problem for most apps to get tested and approved as "safe"   for "the general public"  that way they can deal with the special cases as they happen and not have to worry about most apps.

    honestly i can see a lot of users who would freak out if any app could even get close to tracking them.... with out asking for the access to that data.

    a  half a click might be way to close ....