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    I found a nice Singularity paper that actually goes into some performance statistics..

    Shows across the board Cycle reductions at the OS level for many systems within the SinguarlityOS.

    I really want to see this Midori project's managed SingularityOS work (with dev platform) ... It really does sound exciting...




    e.g. results


    Software Isolated Process: Creation


    [Process create and start]

    OS  - Cycles

    Singularity - 353,000

    freeBSD 5.3 - 1,030,000

    Linux 2.6.11 (Red Hat FC4) - 719,000

    Windows XP (SP2)  - 5,380,000



    Software Isolated Process: Syscall


    [Minimum Kernel API Call]

    OS - Cycles

    Singularity - 91

    freeBSD 5.3 - 878

    Linux 2.6.11 (Red Hat FC4) - 437

    Windows XP (SP2) - 627


    etc. etc. (lots more stats in pdf above)