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View Thread: The Surface Pro is a hit!
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    With the Microsoft Store sold out on the 128GB version and lines like this for what's been allocated in the stores it sure looks like Microsoft may have a hit on it's hands. It will be interesting to see what people use it for. If you've followed Paul Therrot's efforts to use it as a desktop replacement and a laptop replacement it hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine. While some say it's neither and instead a different computing metaphor it will be interesting to see what people ultimately do with it. It's kind of like the iPad's initial launch; why do I need this tablet when I already have a laptop and a smartphone. Regardless people answered that dilemma with their wallets and bought them in droves. I don't know if the market has room for another intermediate devices (between a desktop & tablet?) but it will be interesting to see where this goes.

    I also find it funny how the 64GB version is still available in the Microsoft Store. Paying $100 more for double the disk space? It seems like Microsoft set this up for failure from the get go. What were they thinking? That's aside from the fact you have only 30GB or so of free disk space on the 64GB version.

    In any case congrats to Microsoft on their hit.