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    , wkempf wrote

    @vesuvius: Which Lenovo one? I've sort of been eyeing the Asus Vivo Tab (not the RT). Biggest thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is I want to be able to do development work on the device, and I don't think that would work out so well with the Atom processors.

    Yes, it's kind of a pain to see that csc.exe is there, but when you run it, it says it's missing some dlls, such as System.Data.Oracle.dll .... 

    Right now TouchDevelop is the only IDE I know of that runs on the Surface.  It does work in offline mode as well, and generates JavaScript.  It's also fun, but I haven't spent too much time in it yet.  I used the phone version to make a simple app that plays songs rated > 4 when you shake the phone, that's about it, aside from exploring other apps.

    To do real dev, you'll want to RDP or just use a more powerful workstation, until the Pro comes out.  I'll almost 100% sure I'll get a Pro ... we'll see ... and will give the RT to my wife.