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    , kettch wrote

    @Richard.Hein: I've currently got the Samsung Series 7 Slate, but I'm really looking hard at the RT. I ended up getting one for my wife, and it's all I can do to pry it away for a few minutes to play with it.

    At first I was set on the Pro, but after a couple of weeks, I'm not so sure that I need or care about x86 and a pen. My Samsung has an active digitizer, but I've been surprised at how quickly I was able to wean myself off of it and just use the onscreen keyboard.

    I've had the same experience with my wife and the Asus VivoTab RT. I'm not going to be playing any big 3D games on a tablet, and the only other x86 software I really use is Visual Studio. It really surprised me how much I could stay in the Metro world and be fine.