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    @ScanIAm: There are two scenarios where you need a kickstand - typing or watching a video. Typing requires a keyboard and hence let's call it a draw between the Asus and Surface (Asus has a dockable keyboard, Surface has Kick stand + [Touch/Type] keyboard).

    To watch a video on the Asus you will have to dock it into the keyboard which may be more of a hassle than quickly flipping out a kick stand. On the other hand you cannot control the angle of the kick stand and hence you have to adjust your position to the angle of the kick stand. The Asus works like a laptop giving you more flexibility with the angle of the screen.

    Overall I like the Surface because all the features of the hardware work really well. The build quality, the wide profile, kickstand are all well executed. Now it is up to Mr. Sinofsky and team to match the software to the hardware. Hopefully they are working on it Smiley.