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The "What are we going to see that is brand new at BUILD" thread ...

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  • Ian2

    With Windows 8 being released on 25th October and BUILD starting on 30th I am wondering just how many of the cats will be out of the bag by the time it roles around. 

    With this in mind I reckon any unveilings will be developer focused:

    • Windows Phone 8 SDK RC1
    • NOKIA Lumia ARM Tablet (pre release for devs)
    • A Microsoft Surface branded (Developer Focused) Windows 8 Phone.
    • I would also hope we would see a definitive framework for building single source Windows 8 and Phone 8 Apps for VS2012/Blend
    • Some developer focused traditional tablets from 3rd parties (ie some not released at launch)
    • Visual FoxPro 2012 for Surface.


    (OK maybe not that last one)



  • blowdart

    I could wear a new shirt and swing by if it's that important to you.

  • Ian2


    , blowdart wrote

    I could wear a new shirt and swing by if it's that important to you.


    No, ... you're OK  .......


    Will endeavor to bring you some more WSMCs unless you have found a source over there?

  • Ian2

    Nice Metro styling for this BUILD Conference:

  • Harlequin

    Wrong BUILD conference. Right link ->

    But I do wonder why they have a register button. Conference is full and they probably have thousands of registrations in the queue if someone doesn't want to go.

  • Ian2

    , Ian2 wrote

    Nice Metro styling for this BUILD Conference:


    Yes, but this one has a workshop on Chocolatiering and also, you get to see where Titanic was built!  How cool is that?


    Also, Metro Mandy is there! (And I am pretty sure you can use that word without being arrested)

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