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    I'm another one of those people who barely used the Start menu in Windows 7.  I'd already lined all my apps up on the taskbar, and if I needed to find something that wasn't there, I'd hit Start then type it out.

    Do people really go snaking their way through large lists of applications anymore?  Maybe it made sense in 1997 when everyone put folders full of useless files like the EULA and a "read me.txt" alongside their app and a separate uninstaller..... but in 2012, it's such a horrifyingly clunky way to access things on your computer. 

    And how could anything offered in XP, Vista or 7 for seeing your complete list of app icons be faster than pressing Win+Q in 8?

    anyways, I haven't used Windows 8 before today (though I have been testing Server 2012 for a while, mainly for IIS) and after a couple of hours I've found it pretty easy to get settled in.  Every time I turn a corner I find some freakin' epic new feature that makes me never want to use Windows 7 again.   Like, for example, I was able to connect to my iPhone with Bluetooth and get tethering working, without having to install iTunes(!!!) ....